10 4 Flexible Budgets Financial and Managerial Accounting

What Is Flexible Budget

In a static budget situation, this would result in large variances in many accounts due to the static budget being set based on sales that included the potential large client. A flexible budget on the other hand would allow management to adjust their expectations in the budget for both changes in costs and revenue that would occur from the loss of the potential client.

What Is Flexible Budget

Its estimations of sales and sales price will likely change as the product takes hold and customers purchase it. Big Bad Bikes developed a flexible budget that shows the change in income and expenses as the number of units changes.

How do we create a flexible budget?

For the most accurate information, please ask your customer service representative. Clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase.

  • Michael McFall, co-founder and co-CEO of Biggby Coffee and author of Grind, a new guide for entrepreneurs looking to build self-sustaining businesses, sees potential for too much wiggle room.
  • Historically financial modeling has been hard, complicated, and inaccurate.
  • Under this approach, managers give their approval for all fixed expenses, as well as variable expenses as a proportion of revenues or other activity measures.
  • This budget can be re-casted on the basis of the activity levels.
  • Sales decline, but direct labor costs do not decline at the same rate, because management elected to retain the production staff.

The budget shown inFigure 10.27illustrates the payment of interest and contains information helpful to management when determining which items should be produced if production capacity is limited. Graphically, X-axis represents the level of activity, and Y-axis represents the estimated cost. The chart reads out the budgeted expenses at different levels of activity and helps in performance management. A company producing seasonal products can opt for a flexible budget. Here, the activity level varies from time to time, either due to its nature or variation in demand. If sales declined to $150,000 per month, then labor cost should be reduced to $37,500 (25 percent of $150,000). A static budget would not adjust to the decline in revenues and would keep labor costs at the original level.

Original Budget: 100% Capacity

The flexible budget will vary with each activity level and adjusted when the actual activity level is determined. Thus, the cost manager can use a flexible budget as https://wave-accounting.net/ a reference tool for measuring the variance with the actual performance and result. Is one that is prepared based on a single level of output for a given period.

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The genesis of the problem is that variable costs will tend to track volume. If the company produces and sells more products than anticipated, one would expect to see more variable costs . Presumably, it is a good thing to produce and sell more than planned, but the variances resulting from the higher costs can appear as a bad thing! However, there is a potential shortcoming in using static budgets for performance evaluation. Specifically, when the actual output varies from the anticipated level, variances are likely to arise. The flexible budget example below displays both the original static budget amount as well as a flexible budget based on increased production levels. Both static and flexible budgets are designed to estimate future revenues and expenses.

Flexible Budget Cons:

The result cannot come out to be correct if there are any mistakes in the Books of Accounts provided. A flexible budget depends very much upon a forecast of the past business performance. This budget can be re-casted on the basis of the activity levels. In case of a business which carries their entire work with the help of laborers. The laborers’ availability is a critical factor for these types of companies. Therefore it helps the management to accurately know about their productivity and output, for example, jute factories, handloom industries, etc.

What Is Flexible Budget

Businesses save millions of dollars in accounting time by relying on computers to aid budget preparation. As such, preparing a flexible budget requires more knowledge and time on the part of the preparer. However, if the production volume increases enough to require the renting of another plant, then the cost of rent will increase. It changes along with the increases What Is Flexible Budget and decreases in the activity level. The static nature of a fixed budget makes it easier to create. This nimble planning process lets you adjust spending throughout the year; benefits include less overspending, more opportunities and speedier responses to changing market and business conditions. Businesses are finding that to be true when it comes to budgeting.

Flexible Budgeting Process & Benefits

And their availability is a crucial factor in opting for a flexible budget. Fixed cost, for example, rent, insurance premium, etc., remains the same every month, irrespective of the actual machine hour used. Lisa Jo Rudy covers entrepreneurship and small business finance and terms for The Balance. During her career, Lisa launched her own small writing and instructional design business and writes about business for major web publishers such as Harvard Business Publishing.

What Is Flexible Budget

Keep in mind that if you or your bookkeeper are unfamiliar with cost accounting, the process of creating a flexible budget is best left in the hands of an accounting professional or CPA. While preparing any budget at all is always better than not having one, a static budget does not prepare you for revenue and expense changes in real time. A fixed budget is estimated on the past data and management’s anticipation regarding future events. On the other hand, a flexible budget is estimated based on realistic situations. The fixed budget takes comparatively little time to prepare.